Record Review

Linkin Park: One More Light

The band has just finished their European tour in the first half of this year before the unfortunate demise of their lead singer, Chester Bennington. This is a long overdue record review as I also grieved with the rest of the world for losing such a talented music icon.

However, life goes on for the rest of us. And Chester has left us with a new album to listen to. The first single that they released was foreboding of things to come. I cannot help but think that “One More Light” was a premonition of some kind. When we just thought it was a song dedicated to their friends who passed away, Chester would make us remember him every time we hear the melody of the song. It is supposed to give a positive message that there is someone out there who cares for you amidst the billion people on this planet, your life matters for that person and that should be more than reason enough for you to carry on.

The album itself was far from the old Linkin Park vibe that we have gotten used to. They have taken a softer musical approach with this new set of tracks. Gone were the metal and quick tempo of the songs. Expectations were high with the release of their new album so much so that when people heard the newest track, they did not know how to feel about it at first. But I think it was high time for the band to reinvent themselves. Different does not always mean bad. Linkin Park shared with us a different side of their personality and their talent was still displayed in each track. And that is how great artists are made. They do not allow themselves to be boxed in a certain category but they continue to reinvent themselves and make change happen.