Perhaps my biggest fantasy as a music enthusiast and writer is to interview the Beatles during their prime. I would have loved to pick their brains and maybe not understand but get a glimpse of their dynamics. They had risen to the top of the charts and magnified popularity. I have always wondered what went behind the scenes, before they hit the stage, and after the lights had gone off and the screaming fans had all gone home. How did it really affect them? What were the real inspirations behind their no.1 hit songs? They had become somewhat elusive to the press but I would have wanted to enter into their universe and share that experience with the rest of the world who have shown their love and support to this band.

I, for one, think that Harrison is my favorite Beatle although he talked less and would not feel too cozy with the press. This has led people like me to romanticize his success, he was mysterious and talented. He did not feel the need to publicize his every move, he even refused to be interviewed many times until he quit the music industry at the peak of his career. From then on, he was an independent spirit, showing up again only when he felt like it. He was his own boss and he was not drowned by the popularity and success. But I have also come to realize that Lennon and McCartney were better songwriters after their stint in the band when they pursued their solo careers. The two were able to showcase their talents individually, although the name of the band would forever haunt them for the rest of their careers.

Ah, the Beatles. Such talent, such performances that truly rocked the music industry and the world.